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La Photo du lundi 5 décembre 2011


Toujours prise du même observatoire, une image de saison.

coucher de soleil à Roscoff

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  1. Wow, Kaneganese. I just looked at your timeline. You’ve been busy. Yes, there is a lot of information, but if you give a brief explanation about how each map or document fits into the historical puzzle, then you can tell the story of Dokdo/Takeshima in timeline fashion. Sometimes we need different views of a story, especially a complicated story, to really understand it.Good job.

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  4. e maquillaje é muito formoso, encanto-me a convinacion das cores. amo todos os maquillajes que fazes e sou tua gustaria poder conseguir os produtos que tens mas alguns não se encontram em mexicosobretudo os aretes que usas são favulosos. muitos beijos !!! []

  5. Looks like an alien! Nice work mate. I like the 1st pic, cos it gives you the eye 2 eye view.yeah lol it does look like an alien. would be awesome if I had a macro. but the 50mm does the trick too.

  6. O wat mooie blokjes, en dat is een goed idee meteen de shasing en de kleine blokjes er aan te zetten.Heerlijk strak een mooie nieuwe slaapkamer De afgelopen wek heb ik van jou blog geleerd hoe ik met de latten kon dubbelen, en ja dat is ook gelukt, heb er blogje van gemaaktFijne Zondag.Groetnis Annie

  7. Well done article that. I’ll make sure to use it wisely.

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